Valeras Lasting Legacy?

​Looks like a Dec payment, after all, follow us at:



We have been trying to confirm this through many Associates contacting them by email and phone. As you remember, Sonny was able to get them to confirm a payment in December. (many Thanks to Sonny)

This schedule seems to be on track, although no one at Coacecss will confirm it in writing, but some associates who have spoken on the phone, seem to think this will happen. The amount of the payment is anybody's guess. If we had the "Required Semiannual Report" for the first half of 2017, we might estimate it?

If this is the case, you should expect an announcement on the website (coacecsspanama.com) in the next 3 weeks. Taking into consideration, November is a Wasted work month in Panama, because of their Holiday's, it will probably be later than sooner.

This is our Savings, not theirs, so why is it a Secret when they might return it? Because, the Biggest Thief of our Savings, Roderick, wants it that way. The First Liquidation Committee, of the CD Party, who probably caused the Liquidation to cover Martinelli's Insider Trading, where Educated and had a Tiny amount of compassion. This Second one, of the Panameñista Party of Velera, who put Roderick the" Landron", in charge, has no compassion for anyone, and is only in it to "Fill" his pockets with our savings. We used to have contacts inside that would leak info, and HE deplored this. So, on our Dime, he paid $10's of thousand to evaluate the employees, to see who would be "Stupid" enough to over look his theft of our Savings. He made this very clear in the last Semiannual Report: 

" On April 18, 2016, the company FUTUVER, SA, was hired to conduct a diagnosis of Human Resources COACECSS, RL - In Liquidation in order to identify the following: o The working environment in the workers operate. Level of involvement of the workforce in the process of liquidation or define the optimal personnel, both by their work and by their attitude toward the institution, to ensure a satisfactory settlement process or identify the workforce to facilitate the flow of information necessary for optimizing the resources of the institution in the process of liquidation identify underlying problems originating in human resources". See below:

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