COACECSS.COM domain was registered in 2002 and has been changed 12 times and dropped 3 times, since 2002. The 3 times it was dropped all occurred during the Intervention & Liquidation. {see item I} 

The Domain name should have been owned by the Cooperative, but it was transferred to different Website Designer. If a Designer has ownership, they control what is uploaded to the site. If they do not pay the Domain Renewal fee, each year, the site will be dropped, or they can drop it for any reason. The Domain was transferred in 2013 when the Liquidation started and the Website was replaced by a the New Website Designer, who was in Favor with the Liquidator's CD Party, at our expense $$$. Then it was transferred again in 2014, to a New Website Designer who was in Favor with the New Liquidator's Panameñista Party, at our Expense $$$.

​But the Ultimate Insult happened 4-25-17 when the site was Dropped again. When I investigated it, I was unable to contact the Registered Domain owner by email or phone. I assume that they went out of the Design Business or had a disagreement with Roderick? The Moral to this story is "The Cooperativo" should have been registered as the Domain Owner.

​So, on 5-3-2017, an other Designer, edilberto gonzalez garcia, registered ""{see note 2} and this became the new "Official Website"... Of course, no notice was sent to any of the Associates, even though they have all the email addresses.Who is edilberto gonzalez garcia, obviously he does not know much about Website Design, probably related to the Liquidator or paying a commission. In any case, it is at our Expense $$$.

 HOW IGNORANT is this, cutting the only connection that the Extranjeros had with their Savings? Well I will tell you, this is the IGNORANCE of the Liquidator, who only cares about filling his "pockets" with out hard earned savings.

​It is interesting to see that "Someone??" put the site back up in August 2017 and took it back down in September 2017. Probably a Jab at Roderick.

Anyway, the Domain is down, expired, and will soon be available again.

Website Scandal Update: As ya'll probably knew, Nepotism is "alive & well" in Panama. Seems that when the site was up for renewal, Roderick wanted to transfer it to Edilberto Gonzalez, of Panama Oeste Web, but the last designer, who was listed as the owner of the Domain, would not give up the Domain. So, Roderick hired Panama Oeste Web  to register "" and made it the Official "Coacecss" website, unbeknownst to the Coacecss's "Creditors, Associates, and Members", how IGNORANT was that decision? Well, it only gets Better, as, coincidentally, the Website of Roderick's Business,, was registered & designed by, Guess Who,  "Edilberto Gonzalez of Panama Oeste Web. Another Interesting "point" is that Edilberto made no reference to his Business, Panama Oeste Web, in the filing for the Domain. But, who can blame him, if you look at his credentials, why would he want to be associated with Inferior website like Who knows what the "Cost" was to our "Savings", or the "Commission Paid"?

​"​​The Largest "RIP OFF" to date: Forensic Audit ordered by IPACOOP & the Liquidation Commission's President.

​The "Liquidation Law" states that IPACOOP & the Liquidation Commission's job is to "liquidate", not play POLITICS! Of course, in Panama, Politics Rule, everything is somehow made Politico. 

​So, instead of doing their job, the panameñista party led Liquidation Committee decided to declare that the original "Liquidation", initiated by the CD Party was "illegal". And, in order to "supposedly" prove this, they initiated another Forensic Audit of Coacecss, even though the original Liquidation Committee had an "Audit", which was available to them. And, as usual, they screwed that up, as well:

"​In January 2015 BDO services CONSULTING, SA were hired to conduct a forensic audit regarding accounting, tax and advisory. In August 2016, BDO CONSULTING'S.A. rescinds and assigns its rights to ROGERS FORENSIC AUDITORS, causing considerable delay in delivery of the final compliance report"

​This Contract was "direct", with no bids, at a cost to your Savings of $678K, even though the Government of Panama requires all Gov. contracts over $200K be put out to Bid.

​Now, with this said, it seems that Rogers Forensic Auditors won the Bid to Audit PAN, the National Assistance Program for $875K, for the Valera Government. 

Given that Audits are generally billed according to the Net Assets of the Entity being audited, the price for the Coacecss Audit versus the Pan Audit seem very FISHY! After all, Pan had assets of $1.2B and Coacecss, only $100M?

What is even Fishier is that Roderick went on TV and claimed that he filed 2 criminal cases, as a result of the Audit, but, "Refused" to name the Parties charged??? 

​​AA: That you weren’t going to name names to hinder the process. I supposed there were two processes. One already in progress, the previous administration of the cooperative who brought the cooperative to this point, and the other process that you announced Monday, against the audit and continuation of the liquidation of the cooperative, [carried out by the administration] before you. RG: Exactly. AA: At no moment did I hear you mention any names. RG: Exactly. At no moment did we mention any names at any time. We do not want to hinder the process, one, and two, we have to distinguish the two processes as being completely different. The first, to find out the mishandling of the first bad administration and the investigation of the liquidation and the second, as we announced Monday, what we need to do from this point forward, finish the liquidation [of the cooperative]. AA: That is to say, pledge to pay 100% of the debts. 


Complaint against Coacecss management, directors, & credit committee. Justice?